Q.b. è stato stampato in 300 copie numerate e contiene un pezzo in più rispetto alla versione digitale (il singolo Basilisco). Se siete interessati, scriveteci:

albertcaraco (at) gmail (.) com, renato.qb (at) gmail (.) com


Alcuni negozi hanno accettato di tenere copie di Q.b. Sono:

TORINO – Les Yper Sound, via Rossini 14, tel 011 8120152

FIRENZE – Rockbottom, via degli Alfani 34/r, tel 055 245220


Q.b. has been printed in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies and contains one extra track compared to the digital version (the single Basilisco). If you’re interested in receiving one, just write us:

albertcaraco (at) gmail (.) com, renato.qb (at) gmail (.) com

Q.b. is also available in the shops listed above.

2 Responses to “CD”

  1. […] Renato Q., among a bunch of other things we won’t mention here, is currently the lyricist for the lo-res brain-pop sensation Humpty Dumpty (make sure to check out their blog and enjoy the freely downloadable Q.b., or even better, buy the cd). […]

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